Confidence that Romney/Ryan Will Win Is Good; Overconfidence Is Not

October 19th, 2012

By Dan Miller

The news of late has been very good. That is not a valid reason to slack off. It is an excellent reason to push harder.

According to recent reports, President Obama’s reelection seems to be increasingly unlikely and Governor Romney is beginning to look like our next President. It may be time for the Democrats to panic and they are likely to do so.


Shortly before the recent elections in Venezuela, it seemed that Henrique Capriles would prevail and that el Presidente Chávez would lose. It did not happen that way. Now is not a time for those of us who oppose President Obama’s reelection to relax.

Here are a few excerpts from an excellent article posted today by Daniel at Venezuela News and Views summarizing the results, and analyzing the circumstances, of the October 7th election results in Venezuela.

The elections were not free

It is clear now that there were a lot of people that voted under duress. They were scared to find out at 3 PM that … the chavista electoral steam roller knew they had not voted yet. They got scared when they were hauled unto a van with other people that had not voted yet and were also found out. They were scared when they arrived at the voting center and saw strange machines and realized the privacy of vote was compromised. And thus they truly thought that chavismo would know whether they voted for Chavez or not. …

The elections were not fair

Making a complete account on why the elections were not fair would be a treatise. I will just limit myself to two very telling examples.

The media was overwhelmingly in favor of Chavez.  It bears repeating over and over again that Chavez controls Venezuelan media because people outside either cannot believe the extent of the control, or are outright lying about it. (Emphasis in original.)

Unions paying or bullying people into supporting President Obama? Busloads of voters arriving at the polls? Media bias in favor of President Obama? Buying votes with ObamaPhones and other goodies? Rejection of self-reliance in favor of dependency on Government? Additional similarities are apparent, but those above should suffice to compel everyone who wants to keep the United States’ electoral process free and fair to remain awake and alert. Here are a few things to look for. When the election is over it will be too late to change the results. Working now to prevent fraud and other abuse is necessary.

The United States is not Venezuela and President Obama is not el Presidente Chávez; yet. Could that happen? Maybe, unless we do our best to prevent it.

(This article was also posted at Dan Miller’s Blog.)

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2 Responses to “Confidence that Romney/Ryan Will Win Is Good; Overconfidence Is Not”

  1. Tom Carter |

    It’s pretty easy to see two things coming if the electoral college vote is close and a state (or states) is very close — legal action that drags on for a long time if Obama loses is almost certain; if Romney loses under the same conditions, maybe a bit less likely. We don’t need that again (cf. 2000).

    If Obama loses, there will be riots and violence in the usual cities. That’s not in doubt; the only question is how bad it will be.

    If I had gotten an Obamaphone, I might have voted for him, but since I didn’t … forget it.

  2. Dan Miller |

    I didn’t get my ObamaPhone either so I voted for Governor Romney too.

    Of no relevance whatever (I had already sent in my ballot), here is a video of Governor Romney’s speech at the Al Smith banquet. Here, for comparison, is President Obama’s. Oh well, and beyond that no comment.

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