President Obama Presents Vision for America, Media Go Racist

October 4th, 2012

By Dan Miller

He needs all the help he can get. And lots more.

Obama CriesThe “principled” media lost all sense of racial sensitivity and real bipartisanship as they reported on President Obama’s incredible debate performance last night. Their reports damned his performance by failing to give proper weight to the great handicap with which he has to deal every day, through no fault of his own. They thus became racists of the worst kind, elevating faux bipartisanship over real racial sensitivity. Have they already forgot that it is racist to say anything derogatory about President Obama? Sadly, having become briefly ensnared in the web of blatant racism they may do it again. And again. If so, the compulsion may eventually become irresistible.

Shortly after last night’s debate, I received the following personal letter from my friend, Barack.

Friend –

I hope I made you proud out there explaining the vision we share for this country.

Now we need to go win this election — the most important thing that will happen tonight is what you do (or don’t do) to help in the little time we have left:

Thank you,


“Paid for by Obama for America”

Proud indeed! Despite the heavy burden under which President Obama struggles to do his best for us, he lived up to my highest expectations. He explained his vision for the country with transcendent clarity and forcefulness. He could not have explained it better even by crawling off the stage screaming “Down the toilet we goooooo!” Even Chris Matthews was enthusiastic.

Our cloistered President disapproves of bad news so it’s unlikely that anybody on his staff slipped him a copy of the Matthews meltdown tape. Joe Klein, who usually has far more pleasant things to say about President Obama than about Governor Romney, wrote a piece entitled Obama’s Debate Strategy: Unilateral Disarmament?  It concludes with this:

thats_racistBut I must admit, once again, to being mystified. Did the President send out his body double to this debate? Because if that were the actual Barack Obama out there, I’m not sure he could communicate well enough to be an effective President in a time of trouble, to say nothing of winning a second term.

Alas, that would not make President Obama joyful either; not because it’s substantively wrong, but because it’s … well, you know.

(This article was also posted at Dan Miller’s Blog.)

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