Libruls and Progressives vs. Liberals

April 20th, 2013

By Dan Miller

This is a very short post because Pat Condell said what I have tried to say. He said it better and here’s his video.

There is little I can add to this video, beyond (a) that it explains better than I had ever done why I use a word of (I think) my own confection, “librul,” rather than liberal, and (b) it might have mentioned the recent librul reactions to the recent “Boston Massacre.”

Libruls, or progressives, are a virulent metastasizing cancer through the body politic and hence culture of the United States. They have in large part taken over not only our “Department of Information,” a.k.a. “legitimate media” (tip of the hat or something to Vice President Biden, originator of the phrase) but also our system of indoctrination education. They would have loved the Oxford Resolution. They seem, for now, to be winning. Why? Why are any crimes committed against (or alleged to have committed been against) Blacks given media prominence while those by Blacks committed against (or alleged to have committed been against) non-Blacks given, at best, short shrift if reported at all?

This, that we all have a “little bit of fruitcake left” in us, may be a partial explanation. However, I think it goes beyond that and that the reality is far worse.

(This article was also posted at Dan Miller’s Blog.)

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