Obama and Islamists Unite to End Abuse of Women

May 19th, 2013

By Dan Miller

Inadequately covered females force male members in the Religion of Piece to react impurely. Ditto in the U.S. Armed Forces. That must cease, right now. No matter how hard the task may become, the rank and file must embrace Our Loving President’s creative solutions.

President Obama’s gracious embrace of Islamism and his own heroic assassination of Osama Bin Laden have brought peace to the Islamic World including even the United States. Because of his historic foresight in making it perfectly clear that “the future must not belong to those who speak accurately of slander the prophet of Islam,” we are no longer under threat of attack by Islamic terrorists extremists and instead face only sporadic and ineffective workplace violence such as (allegedly) engaged in at Fort Hood by the sadly misunderstood Major Hasan.

The video presents an apostate speaking of Islam. Please take the time to read the subtitles. Interestingly, he notes that many Christians have become complacent. So has our Government, but it appears to be more than complacency.

So let me ask you, does it appear a bit conspiratorial to you that Islamists are now in key positions in the US government, including the deputy chief to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, many of which Representative Michele Bachmann tried to warn America about? Does it make you a little unnerved that the new head of the Central Intelligence Agency is former assassination czar and Muslim convert John Brennan? Do you really believe that Islam is not a threat to the West? Perhaps we should look at what Islam teaches and what it does, not what the government tells us about it. After all, even when there was a Republican President in the office he would not call out Islam, but spoke similar to Allen West’s capitulation, and said Islam had been hijacked. No it has not. Islam is the enemy of America, freedom, Christians, Jews, and anyone else, along with their respective cultures. If you won’t take my word for it, take the Turkish Prime Minister’s. [Note: the source cited for the proposition that Director Brennan is a Muslim convert does not say that he is although there have been many suggestions and rumors that he is. Here is a rebuttal at American Thinker.]

Here’s another video by a Christian who converted to Islam and returned to Christianity.

But don’t worry. Be happy and carry on.

When our mistakes are not acknowledged and corrected, conspiracy theories predominate. We don’t need no stinkin conspiracy theories. Reality — when it can be discovered and presented — is sufficient. Until then, apathy will prevail.


Are we are to ignore the voices that warn against government tyranny, as the President admonished earlier this month? Everything presented here is representative of this administration’s tyrannical bent and indicative of a grossly engorged, out-of-control government machine in the latter stages of dismantling itself, the Republic or both. Understanding this comes close to “comprehending the incomprehensible,” as indicated here. Things were discovered and presented during recent months that had been disparaged by libruls as mere fringe conspiracy theories.

Despite President Obama’s game-changing initiatives, further steps are needed to redeem his Administration from its own characterizations as incompetents and idiots. Its steps to reform the military, probably not taken in honor of Armed Forces Day, are likely to distract attention from ameliorate many if not most difficulties and bring true peace to him for all.

Sexual abuse in the military is bad and getting worse.

head in sandAssuming his customary leadership position, president Obama recently referred to military sex abuse as a scourge.

“We will not stop until we’ve seen this scourge, from what is the greatest military in the world, eliminated,” he told reporters.

That we still have the “greatest military in the world” is a weighty problem, but President Obama hopes to change that. Yes He Can!

Senior military officers are speaking about the problem with increasing bluntness and expressions of regret. Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, on Wednesday called it a “crisis” in the ranks, and on Thursday the Army chief of staff, Gen. Ray Odierno, publicly acknowledged his service’s efforts are “failing.”

Fortunately there will be ample time and funds to deal with this grave crisis because there are none other of greater or even comparable political importance. This is a crucial effort to end the vile Republican War on Women.

As a first step, a Review of military sexual abuse prevention is already under way.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel on Friday ordered the military to recertify all 25,000 people involved in programs designed to prevent and respond to sexual assault, an acknowledgement that assaults have escalated beyond the Pentagon’s control.

He said this step, which also applies to the military’s approximately 19,000 recruiters and must be completed by July 1, is one among many that will be taken to fix the problem of sexual abuse and sexual harassment within every branch of the military. [Emphasis added.]

At a news conference with Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Hagel said he believes alcohol use is “a very big factor” in many sexual assault and sexual harassment cases, but there are many pieces to the problem.

Consumption of alcohol is prohibited by the Religion of Peace and must also be prohibited by our armed forces; the proper multicultural path to enlightenment, it is sure to work well. This time.

He and Dempsey spoke one day after all of the military’s leadership were summoned to the White House to discuss the sexual assault problem with President Barack Obama, who has expressed impatience with the Pentagon’s failure to solve it. …

Hagel signed a one-page memorandum addressed to the uniformed chiefs and civilian heads of each of the military services requiring that the credentials and qualifications of all recruiters, sexual assault response coordinators and sexual assault victim advocates be reviewed to ensure that they meet current standards. They also will be given refresher training on professional ethics and the impact of violations.

Secretary Hagel recognized that even more is needed.

Hagel says the step is one among many that will be taken to fix the problem of sexual abuse and sexual harassment within every branch of the military.

President Obama consistently demanded that all options be considered.

“Not only is it a crime, not only is it shameful and disgraceful, but it also is going to make and has made the military less effective than it can be,” Obama said after the meeting. “I want to leave no stone unturned and I want us to explore every good idea that’s out there in order to fix this problem.” [Emphasis added.]

All stones except for the ones under which the Obama Administration hides its own malfeasance must be turned over to permit full and fair examination of what is hidden beneath them.

New ideas (even if old) must be considered and new sex positions adopted.

My confidential source, The Really Honorable I. M Totus, has provided substantial information about a few of the historic initiatives soon to be announced by President Obama and his military minions experts. Consistent at least in part with President Obama’s hip meterosexual positions, his initiatives even seem to recognize a little bit of the World War II wisdom of General George Patton.

Not even Paris had moved them. Despite sex being “cheaper than chocolate”, they agreed with Isaiah Berlin’s assessment of the city as “hollow and dead, like an exquisite corpse”. Every soldier was issued with a guide to Parisian brothels. As General Patton put it: “A soldier who won’t fuck won’t fight.” The whores would gather at army truck stops, running their hands through a man’s hair to check for lice.

Fighting is a beastly, vulgar form of bullying and needs to be discouraged at all costs. This is not to suggest that the military no longer has its proper place in American history. It does.


Comfort persons

Following the audacious lead of human rights advocates in China, sex workers in the United States will no longer be penalized and will instead be asked to assume militarily correct positions in serving as comfort persons for personnel who would otherwise go astray. Unlike Japan, the United States military will recruit only residents of the United States. They will, however, be recruited and selected without regard to race, religion, national origin or sexual orientation.

You weren't the first. Do you care?

Marines kissingOpenness to, and encouragement of, all officially approved sexual orientations is necessary and compliant with current Administration-wide policy.

Our sources have provided Liberty Counsel an internal DOJ document titled: “LGBT Inclusion at Work: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Managers.” It was emailed to DOJ managers in advance of the left’s so-called “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Pride Month.” …

Following are excerpts from the “DOJ Pride” decree. When it comes to “LGBT pride,” employees are ordered:

  • “DON’T judge or remain silent. Silence will be interpreted as disapproval.” (Italics mine)

That’s a threat.

And not even a subtle one.

. . . When it comes to mandatory celebration of homosexual and cross-dressing behaviors, “silence will be interpreted as disapproval.”

Are our librul friends trying to destroy the U.S. military? Is that even possible? Of course not!

What the heck! Our fighting forces of all approved persuasions must be encouraged to be themselves.

Burkas to be required 

Islam has long recognized that scanty and revealing garments turn females into objects of sexual fantasy and cause male lust. That had not previously been adequately recognized by the military leadership. Hence, the problem became worse as the Pentagon removed barriers across the board to women

and took action to mix the sexes more closely. Men and women share dorms and barracks in boot camp and at the service academies, and deploy in close quarters on ships.

The integration promises to become even more intimate in coming years as the Pentagon places women into training for direct ground combat jobs.

“The latest SAPRO report confirms that problems of sexual assault against both men and women are getting worse, not better,” Mrs. Donnelly said. “Pentagon leaders nevertheless are planning to extend these problems into the combat arms. Congress and the Pentagon first must do no harm. At a minimum, the Obama administration must not be allowed to extend complicated issues of sexual assault, which have increased by 129 percent since 2004, into direct ground combat infantry battalions.”

Burka bombersIt being necessary to find and implement viable solutions without impairing combat effectiveness, all females on active military duty, as well as all female civilian employees in the military, will soon be required to wear burkas of militarily appropriate camouflage-design. Although current military policies on “mixed” barracks facilities have been successful in improving morale and are consistent with policies at our leading institutions of librul higher learning, something needs to be done. Hence, the requirement that females wear burkas will apply twenty-four hours a day, regardless of the nature of any activity in which they may be engaged.

Military activity will be halted during Islamic holy days.

The Department of Defense’s extreme and outdated jingoism still manifests itself in adherence to the notion that American females are commonly more sexually alluring attractive than those of other, more fortunate, nations. Since our Islamist colleagues may be offended by the sight of American females in close proximity — even when modestly clad in burkas — they as well as all other military personnel, male and other, will henceforth be confined to barracks during Islamic holy days. To show their appreciation for the respect thus accorded them, groups of moderate Islamic minstrels will likely provide suitable entertainment from outside their barracks.

In our modern age of tolerance, no longer will this type of un-entertaining, slapstick misogynistic trash be tolerated.

It has been estimated conservatively that our cost savings on ammunition, medical care and other combat related waste due to the Obama Administration’s new and daring sex positions will be sufficient to permit the resumption of military demonstration flights at any remaining domestic celebrations of a patriotic nature.

Implementation of these progressive ideas will have many other benefits.

To boost its declining ratings, possibly due to an excessive focus on boring political matters, MSNBC plans full coverage of the Obama Administration’s new and modern sex abuse positions as they are implemented by our modernized military forces.

Be of good cheer.

All is well and getting worse better in other sectors too. President Obama and his merry co conspirators minions have many faces and the more I read the more I think that Jimmy Buffett was and is a prescient optimist.

To end on a happy note, room simply has to be left in our lunatic asylum for fruitcakes. As long as they agree with me I shall welcome them. Besides, if there were nothing whatever to grumble at, life would be unbearably dull and flat.

(This article was also posted at Dan Miller’s Blog.)

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