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I live in one of the northern suburbs of Dallas, Texas where I keep busy working seven days a week on two jobs. I’m 64 years old now and if I work it right, I will die at work and never see the inside of a hospital. Previously, for 20 years, I worked as a Technical Writer, mostly writing technical and business documentation for internal business use.

My main passions, and the topics of many of my articles, are politics, social issues and religion:

Politically, I claim no political party affiliation but, if I had to define myself, I would come out as 50% Libertarian, 25% Moderate Conservative and 25% General George Patton. Some random thoughts: Taxes are much too high, individual incentive is all but gone, we tend to be far too easy on those who would destroy us, and our country is rapidly changing from a democratic republic to a quasi-socialist state.

On social issues I tend to go with my Libertarian side and champion individual rights with very, very little government interference. (Conservatives say they do, too, but I’m still waiting for the evidence of that).

In the realm of religion I am an agnostic; not to be confused with atheists who seem to feel that the only good religion is a dead religion, I respect religion and understand that it is a powerful force in our world. I believe, however, that religion is a personal thing that should live in your heart and your home, reflect itself in your personal relationships and, to be blunt (as I usually am), should stay out of politics.

One last note, I blog at My View from the Center under the name Whymrhymer. Whymrhymer is a pen name I began using when I was writing poetry (Whymsical Rhyme = Whymrhymer), and I just kept it when I switched to political/social blogging. I still write poetry occasionally, mostly as introductory material for my articles, but when I get in a poetic frame of mind who knows what will come out.

My e-mail address is harveygrund@gmail.com.

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