Larry Ennis

Larry Ennis is 69 years old and lives near Nashville, TN with his wife of 47 years. He’s a retired General Motors worker. He worked as an hourly employee and was a member of UAW Local 594 for over 32 years.

He was born in Alabama, then moved with his family to California and back again to rural Alabama. As an adult, he lived and worked in Michigan, finally ending up in Tennessee.

Among his many skills, Larry is a pilot and owned his own airplane, which he sold about five years ago. He has also been a genuine amateur radio operator for nearly 56 years.

In addition to his interest in current events and politics, Larry is a storyteller who likes to re-visit the places and events of his youth in his stories. His fondest wish would be to return to all those places again to see them as they are now.

Larry’s e-mail address is

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