David Axelrod Is Right: Government Is Too Big and Uncontrollable

May 16th, 2013

By Dan Miller

President Obama, as usual, is blameless for any misfeasance and malfeasance of the Government he allegedly leads. Let’s make it easier for him by making it simpler and smaller.

Due to the complexity and multiplicity of scandals increasingly enveloping the Obama Administration, I became too bogged down with constantly emerging new stuff to write about it. Sadly, President Obama also has to rely on media reports, so I can easily understand his problems. Indeed, even this little bit about the Justice Department almost escaped me:

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Justice Department failed to provide the names of some terrorists in the witness protection program to the center that maintains the government’s watch list used to keep dangerous people off airline flights, the department’s inspector general said in a report Thursday.

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Does Modern Academia Encourage Unthinking Acceptance of Authority?

May 12th, 2013

By Dan Miller

This post is based in large part on an article titled Why Anti-Authoritarians are Diagnosed as Mentally Ill.

Is there a current tendency to consider those who cherish and seek to preserve our rights, including those under the First and Second Amendments, mentally ill for that reason? Interesting for the focused question it poses directly, the article should raise broader but similar questions about the current nature of academia in general.

I have had no direct contact with academia since my years in undergraduate school (1959 – 63) and in law school (1963 – 66). “Back in the good old days,” we were encouraged toward independent thought and away from authoritarian notions that discourage it.   Continue reading »

The White House Did NOT Change Any Benghazi Talking Points!

May 11th, 2013

By Dan Miller

Nor did the White House even suggest that any changes be made. Indeed, the White House never even read any talking points. Suggestions to the contrary by the partisan Republican obstructionists are damaging our very nation.

White House

I just watched a YouTube video of Press Secretary Carney’s highly incendiary illuminating one hour long press briefing of May 10th. Instead of repeating himself interminably, shifting, dodging, dancing around — and in many cases stepping into — traps maliciously attempted to be laid by the faux media, he should have responded to all questions about White House involvement as follows:

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Trust – but Verify – Governmental Statements and Actions

May 10th, 2013

By Dan Miller

If verification is not seriously attempted, lies will go unnoticed. More lies will follow. That’s one difference Benghazi makes now.

Clinton testifies

What difference does it make?

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What Do Young People Say About Their Relationship with Technology?

May 8th, 2013

By Dr. Jim Taylor

Technology To give you a sense of the scope of the effect of technology on the psychological and emotional health of young people, I want to describe the results of an international study involving more than 1000 students from ten countries across five continents that asked students to disconnect from technology for 24 hours. The results and insights, I think you will agree, are startling, disturbing, sobering, and just a little bit hopeful. To give you a preview of the findings, the adjectives most frequently associated with this period of disconnection were addiction, failure, boredom, confusion, distress, loneliness, anxiety, and depression; not one feel-good descriptor in the lot.

Not surprisingly given the students’ seemingly unhealthy relationship with technology, a “clear majority” was unable to last 24 hours unplugged. The study revealed the indispensable role that technology now plays in young people’s lives. A Chilean student screams, “I didn’t use my cell phone all night. It was a difficult day…a horrible day. After this, I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT MEDIA!” As with many aspects of their lives, young people (and many adults, for that matter) seem to have lost sight of what “need” means. People may really, really, really want their smartphone, mp3 player, or tablet, but need is typically associated with more elemental requirements such as food, water, and shelter.   Continue reading »


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