A Somewhat Balanced Article at the Daily Pest?

May 6th, 2013

By Dan Miller

Sorry, I meant Daily Beast. It must have been a Freudian slip. Or something.

There is an article on the Benghazi cover-up at the Daily Beast. It’s not badly done, but read the comments. They are hilarious, if one has a warped sense of humor. Many (perhaps most, but I have difficulty counting that high) support what they refer to affectionately as “our next President, Hillary Clinton” (may her holy mendacious name be praised) and take the position that their savior, President Obama, can do and has done nothing wrong.

No matter how diligently the RINO party tries to assemble a politically correct and hence diverse big tent, it cannot encompass such ideologies as evidenced by the Daily Beast readers who bothered to comment, without thereby excluding conservatives.  Here are two relevant articles at Nebraska Energy Observer: The Conservative Predicament and The wrath of the awakening Saxon. I agree.

Where should we go from here? Waking up seems as though it should a good first step. After, of course, we get rid of the body snatchers and snatchees.

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Dr. Benjamin Carson – Two Inspiring Videos About our Next President?

May 3rd, 2013

By Dan Miller

Dr CarsonMany things are possible between now and 2016. Will Dr. Carson become our next President? I hope so.

This post at Dancing Czars called to my attention an interview with Dr. Carson. It seemed that it might help to pull my spirits out of the pit where they had been trying to survive since last November so I watched.

It did.

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Red Lines, Syria and Incompetence

April 30th, 2013

By Dan Miller

Well thought out red lines can be drawn, successfully. Ill conceived red lines can easily make a bad situation much worse. An article from Stratfor is republished following my initial comments.

My initial comments:

Bashar al-AssadGreat care needs to be taken to avoid drawing ill defined “red lines” which, if crossed, may result in solutions worse than the problem or in no significant action at all. The Obama Administration appears to have drawn its red line as to the use of chemical weapons in Syria with inadequate thought to the nature of any “something to be done if crossed” that would be viable militarily, economically, politically and with due regard to the probable consequences.

Sitting on the sidelines is not pleasant, particularly for a once mighty but now declining military power. Even when at our strongest, I doubt that we could have taken usefully successful action in the current circumstances.

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The Good Guys are Losing. Why?

April 28th, 2013

By Dan Miller

Can’t we just wait for heroes to save us? That’s easy but won’t work.

king_obamaA fascinating article titled The Good Guys are Not Coming to Save Us was posted on April 23rd at Free-Man’s Perspective. The first paragraph observes,

A lot of Americans know that the US government is out of control. Anyone who has cared enough to study the US Constitution even a little knows this. Still, very few of these people are taking any significant action, and largely because of one error: They are waiting for “the good guys” to show up and fix things.

The article provides much food for thought. Please read it.   Continue reading »

Freedom Can Be Taken. When Inherited or Otherwise Given, Does It Last?

April 26th, 2013

By Dan Miller

If taken at great cost, it often lasts for quite a while. If inherited, not that long. If given, it is even more readily perishable.

king_obamaThe United States gained their freedom, by force and at great cost, from those who used military might to prevent them from having it. Even many in the United States who inherited their freedom seem to have forgot how and why those from whom they inherited took it and the costs they bore. Those “given” freedom should know by now that it does not long endure unless cherished and defended, by force if that is the only viable option. Do they realize it? Do they care?

This article did not begin as a pitch for the Rutherford Institute, but I received an e-mail this morning that seemed well worth excerpting here.   Continue reading »


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