Trading Freedom for Security Is Often Dangerous

April 12th, 2013

By Dan Miller Freedom to do as we please has to yield to security and the freedom of others. How much freedom should we trade for security? How much do we still have? Another question is, do we still have choices? Our earnings, property and other assets are increasingly viewed by libruls as belonging to […]

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Fighting Fire With Satire

July 7th, 2010

By Brianna Aubin Collectivism at home, terrorism abroad, infighting amongst friends and bold moves by our enemies… these are dark days.  These threats are serious and as anyone here knows, I do take them seriously to the limit of my abilities. But that doesn’t mean that every once in a while, you can’t laugh at […]

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Would Rand Be Drinking Tea?

April 29th, 2010

By Brianna Aubin Since the start of the Tea Party movement with Rick Santelli’s “Shout Heard Round the World,” Ayn Rand has been a prominent factor in the Tea Party movement.  This factor started with Santelli himself, who called himself an “Ayn Rander,” and with an editorial in the Wall Street Journal in January 2009 […]

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America’s Best Hope

March 5th, 2010

By Brianna Aubin There’s a lot of fear out there that, come November, the Tea Party will be strong enough to draw a sizable portion of the vote, but not so strong as to draw its own majorities, thus hopelessly splitting the conservative vote between the Tea Parties and the GOP and letting the Democrats […]

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Never Forget (Update)

January 23rd, 2010

By Brianna Aubin (This article was originally published on January 21, 2010. The update includes videos at the end of the article.) In It Can Happen Here I pointed out that socialism, along with its brother doctrines of fascism and communism, have killed too many people in too many revolutionary seas of blood to be […]

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