In Memory of Our Girlie Dog Shadow

December 5th, 2011

By Dan Miller Shadow was a beautiful, intelligent and playful Akita. We named her Shadow because she followed us like a shadow. We bought her as a young pup and, like most young pups, she enjoyed chewing on furniture and otherwise being mischievous to show her displeasure when we left her alone for a few […]

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Dogs, Horses, Humans, and Other Animals

June 12th, 2010

By Dan Miller We currently have four dogs, six horses and one cat. Many of us have had animals as pets, yet I wonder whether and to what extent we know them. All are very different, among species, within their respective species and even within breeds. However, they neither lie nor conceal their emotions; perhaps […]

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Me, Al, Bob, and Baby

October 31st, 2009

If you’ve been following my tales for any length of time, you already know that I’ve lived all over this great country. Most of my productive adult years were spent in or around Pontiac, Michigan. I liked it there, but as the movie title said, it’s no place for old men (or women). Taxes, the […]

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Cats vs. Dogs

May 12th, 2009

I am an animal lover, and I have had dogs and cats before. The majority of people own some kind of pet, and the two most common pets are cats and dogs. Both dogs and cats are family-oriented, but people disagree about which one is more for families. Cats and dogs were made to be the pets […]

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