Media’s Externalization of Your Children’s Self-identity

October 11th, 2012

By Dr. Jim Taylor “To all of Chris’ friends: This is his father. My son carelessly left his account logged in so I decided to snoop around. Upon reading my son’s personal information, I would like to clear a few things up. My son is not a ‘gangsta,’ he will not ‘beat a ho’s ass’ […]

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Technology: Bad Decision Making 2.0

June 21st, 2011

By Dr. Jim Taylor There has been some egregiously bad decision making in the news lately, highlighted by the revelations around now-former Congressman Anthony Weiner’s ongoing sexually explicit Twitter conversations and photo sharing with six women. And just to show you that this post isn’t a partisan attack, let’s not forget the similarly bad decision […]

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Is a Low-resolution Life Worth Living?

May 31st, 2011

By Dr. Jim Taylor I just started writing a new book that focuses on the impact of new technology on children. As I was writing one particular chapter, it struck me that the ideas within had relevance to all of us as we navigate the growing digital landscape. I see two fundamental differences between connected […]

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Dumb and Dumber

February 11th, 2011

By Tom Carter Dumb and dumber applies to people who send partially or totally nude photos of themselves to other people by text message, through chat rooms, or on social media such as Facebook.  It also applies to people who think they can get away with equally stupid behavior. The latest and most famous idiot […]

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Marky Z and Facebook: Growing Up and Aiming High

November 30th, 2010

By Dr. Jim Taylor Facebook founder and CEO, baby-faced billionaire, and unintended star of a hit (don’t miss the double meaning) film Mark Zuckerberg announced last week that it will soon be offering a new messaging system, Facebook Messages, that integrates email (so 20th century), IM, SMS, Facebook, and other social media into one seamless […]

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