After the State of the Union: Who Can Defeat Obama?

January 25th, 2012

By Tom Carter As I watched the President’s State of the Union address last night, this question was rattling around in my mind:  Who can defeat Obama?  Based on performance quality in delivering a prepared speech, the answer is that none of the current Republican contenders is up to the task.  That highlights a defining […]

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The Queen of Snark Bites a Newt

December 7th, 2011

By Tom Carter The arch-conservative queen of snark, Ann Coulter, has taken a poisonous bite out of Newt the Gingrich.  That’s what those two red marks are on the side of his neck — and they’ll fester. The longer he enjoys front-runner status in the Republican presidential primary race, the more obvious his weird, quirky […]

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Burnt Toast and Serious Candidates

November 29th, 2011

By Tom Carter I wrote earlier that Herman Cain was finished in the wake of the initial sexual harassment charges.  I also noted that was probably a good thing for Republicans because Cain can’t win the general election, even against a candidate as damaged as Barack Obama. At this point Cain is burnt toast.  No […]

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The Perry Debate Debacle

November 10th, 2011

By Tom Carter Even those who didn’t watch the debate last night have probably heard about Rick Perry’s devastating lapse.  Here’s the video, in case you didn’t see it live or would like to re-live the moment. Personally, I had two reactions to Perry’s inability to remember the third of three departments he would abolish […]

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