The Rise of the Independents

January 7th, 2011

By Tom Carter An interesting Gallup poll has just been released.  It measured people’s self-identification as Democrats, Republicans, and Independents.  It also identified Independents who lean Democratic or lean Republican. The findings came from a combination of numerous polls, resulting in an uncommonly broad and deep sample.  The nature of the sample permits an unusually […]

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Real Men

August 16th, 2010

By Nancy Morgan Rush Limbaugh stated emphatically last week that “Real men aren’t liberal. And real men, real men, don’t vote for liberals.” Rush, once again, hits the nail on the head. And here’s why. Real men have an innate sense of self that is not dependent on group approval. They have not succumbed to […]

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Neither Left nor Right

March 20th, 2010

By Tom Carter Kathleen Parker is a clear-minded thinker whose excellent columns are always worth reading.  From her column in tomorrow’s Washington Post: Independents as a group outnumber either party…. Yet, given the hyperpartisanship that began under George W. Bush — and has accelerated during President Obama’s first year, thanks in large part to the […]

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