How Do You Solve a Problem Like Herman Cain?

November 26th, 2011

By Dan Miller Our country is suffering from depression and humor deficiency syndrome. I thought Herman Cain had very good shots at winning the Republican nomination and the presidency before I thought he was toast.  Like many other serial flip-floppers, I’ve changed my mind. Again. There are positions in which Mr. Cain would be a […]

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The Cain and Letterman Show

November 21st, 2011

By Dan Miller Here is a 24 minute video of Mr. Cain’s November 18th appearance on the Dave Letterman Show.

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The Palin/Letterman Spat

June 13th, 2009

“Palin didn’t rise to the bait when Letterman derided the Alaska governor’s ‘slutty flight attendant look’ on Monday’s show. But she did object when Letterman, satirizing the Palin family’s visit to New York and a Yankees game, said: ‘There was one awkward moment during the seventh inning stretch. Her daughter was knocked up by Alex Rodriguez.'”

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