Freedom Can Be Taken. When Inherited or Otherwise Given, Does It Last?

April 26th, 2013

By Dan Miller If taken at great cost, it often lasts for quite a while. If inherited, not that long. If given, it is even more readily perishable. The United States gained their freedom, by force and at great cost, from those who used military might to prevent them from having it. Even many in the […]

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Further Thoughts on Koran Burning in Afghanistan

March 2nd, 2012

By Dan Miller There have been a few developments and some of them are good. In this article, I wrote about recent Koran burnings and the military justice implications.  Little if any reliable further information emerged until today: PUL-E-ALAM, Afghanistan — Military investigators have concluded that five soldiers were involved in the incineration of a […]

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Understanding the Real Meaning of 9/11

August 30th, 2011

By Seth Forman Jeffrey Goldberg in The Atlantic has a wonderful piece on “The Real Meaning of 9/11.” As he should, Goldberg places the “meaning” at the feet of Islamist hatred. He skewers the intellectuals who defend them and build a scaffold of ideology to excuse this murderous horde. But, as any well-intentioned centrist, he […]

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Gaddafi Is Our Ally and Friend, Not Our Enemy

June 26th, 2011

by John H.M. Smith This is an urgent appeal for saving Gaddafi’s life. Since 2004 Gaddafi has actually defected to the West, compensating all Lockerbie victims’ families and genuinely giving up all his WMD.  He also confessed his nuclear providers, i.e., North Korea and China; that’s why China didn’t veto U.N. sanctions. When Gaddafi was […]

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Hamas Is a Totally Credible Partner for Peace

May 21st, 2011

By Dan Miller Everybody (except Israel) wants peace, freedom and democracy for all. Herr Hitler wrote Mein Kamph and many took it lightly; we were privileged to experience the pleasures of World War II. The Koran has some really cool, funny stuff as well; many take it lightly so that we may eventually experience similar […]

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