My Newton Scooter

October 23rd, 2009

In Science class we’ve been learning about Newton’s laws. So, our teacher, Mrs. Stewart, gave us a project to do. The project is to make a Newton Scooter. A Newton Scooter is a toy car that moves by obeying Newton’s third law of motion. It has to move 1.5 meters by itself. So, the Newton […]

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The Collider That Doesn’t

August 4th, 2009

From a report in The New York Times, Giant Particle Collider Fizzles: The biggest, most expensive physics machine in the world is riddled with thousands of bad electrical connections. Many of the magnets meant to whiz high-energy subatomic particles around a 17-mile underground racetrack have mysteriously lost their ability to operate at high energies. Some physicists […]

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