Best Notable Quotables

December 28th, 2008

The conservative Media Research Center has just released “The Best Notable Quotables of 2008: The 21st Annual Awards for the Year’s Worst Reporting.”  Given the political orientation of the Media Research Center, you can rightly expect that their report will highlight liberal bias in the media.  But then, where else would you find a report like […]

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Heroic Terrorist

December 20th, 2008

Ami Pedazhur, a professor at the University of Texas in Austin, wrote an interesting article on terrorism and its methods over the years in The New York Times on December 20.  He relates that in 1979, Samir Kuntar led a group of terrorists to the beach of Nahariya and shot a police officer and a civilian, […]

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The Great Shoe Crisis

December 16th, 2008

Not since Imelda Marcos’ closet was thrown open have shoes been such a hot item in the news.  Some young brain-dead Iraqi journalist (actually, a stringer) throws his shoes at President Bush and calls him a dog–two prime insults in the Arab world.  Fine.  It’s offensive, as it was intended to be, and all Americans ought […]

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Michael J. Totten

December 15th, 2008

Michael J. Totten is an independent journalist from Portland, Oregon.  He specializes on the Middle East, and his work has been published in numerous prestigious newspapers and magazines.  He also publishes articles on his blog.  He published an article today, On the Hunt in Baghdad, reporting on an Army unit he accompanied on an operation.  Their mission was […]

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Historic Photographs

December 12th, 2008

If you enjoy historic photographs going back to before the Civil War, here’s the place to go:  the LIFE photo archive hosted by Google.  This is a joint effort by LIFE Magazine and Google, drawing from LIFE’s photo archive to make millions of photographs available to the public.  Most haven’t been published before, and they’re […]

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