Torture? Racism? Genocide? When It Means Everything, It Means Nothing

May 30th, 2011

By Dan Miller How the accusatory left tortures the meaning of words. The phenomenon of conflation occurs when the identities of two or more individuals, concepts, or places, sharing some characteristics of one another, become confused until there seems to be only a single identity — the differences appear to become lost. Michael Ledeen’s torture […]

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Where Are Diogenes and His Lantern?

May 27th, 2011

By Dan Miller Diogenes is known for having traveled about ancient Greece with his lantern looking for an honest man.  It was a different age and he may not also have looked for honest women. Perhaps there was no need because in those times all women were honest. Whatever. Now it seems that Christine Lagarde, […]

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A Journey of Revenge

September 3rd, 2009

Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves — one for yourself. That’s a slightly modified version of a quote supposedly from Confucius.  The Obama Administration and congressional Democrats would do well to think about it.  Seeking revenge against political opponents formerly in power by attempting to criminalize and incarcerate them is a […]

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