A Librul’s Views on Gun Control, Wealth Redistribution and Welfare

January 15th, 2013

By Dan Miller This is a guest post by the Very Honorable Ima Librul, Senator from the State of Confusion Utopia. He recently explained some of his difficulties in growing pineapples and focuses here on other major problems and opportunities facing modern American society. We are privileged to have a post of this caliber by […]

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Media Teaches Bad Values to Your Children

November 8th, 2012

By Dr. Jim Taylor How powerful and toxic are the value messages that children are receiving from the media today? According to a large body of research, the answer is very in both cases. Though I’m obviously making a judgment on what good and bad values are, I don’t think many parents would disagree with […]

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Let Us Be Fair, Peaceful and Healthy

April 29th, 2012

By Dan Miller Fairness is good, unfairness is bad. Peace is good, war is bad. ‘Tis better to be rich and healthy than sick and poor. Having brought us courageously from the dark and into The Light, President Obama is also leading us out of slavery begat of stingy unfairness and into the blessed promised […]

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How To Tell If You’re A Conservative

September 20th, 2010

By Nancy Morgan For too long, conservatives have allowed the left to define them. With more Americans becoming disillusioned with Obama, it’s time to counter the media’s portrayal of conservatives as radical, illegitimate extremists, concerned only with amassing wealth and kicking gays. Here’s a quick guide to help identify the basic differences between leftists and […]

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Royalty American Style

August 3rd, 2010

By Larry Ennis When Bill Clinton became President, one of his favorite lines was to assure us all that he felt our pain. Of course, pain is different for different people. Headache, sore back, and, in the case of national pain, it was the economy, stupid — money or the lack of it. Bill and […]

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