A Husband’s Punishment

August 29th, 2009

William Taylor of Centreville, VA was caught cheating on his wife.  Seems he left the evidence on his cell phone.  Big mistake!

His wife’s punishment was to make him stand on a busy street corner during rush hour for a week with a sign hung around his neck confessing his sin.  I wonder what his other alternatives were?

Perhaps he read about wives who inflicted superglue revenge on their wandering husbands.

UPDATE – September 3rd, 2009It was a fake, perpetrated by a radio personality called “Kane,” who won’t give his real name.  The hoax was widely reported in the U.S. and international media, fooling everyone, including us.

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7 Responses to “A Husband’s Punishment”

  1. kenwooi |


  2. doris |

    Better than what I would do…nail appendage to windowsill, set house on fire. You then have a choice. I can’t believe he did that, I would’ve just left her. Men….

  3. Alan |

    This is ridiculous. Punishment? I believe the only punishment for a cheater is divorce. How can you trust your spouse after that? I love my wife, but the only sign she’d be holding would say “homeless and hungry”.

  4. Harvey |

    Most people who marry are living in a dream and when reality intrudes they can’t handle it. The three major realities are: people change, people’s needs change, and above all, seldom is the person who romanced you (or who you romanced) before the wedding, the REAL person you are marrying.

    Rushing into marriage before living together and establishing a working relationship is foolish; and you can take that from the horses mouth.

  5. doris |

    I completely agree with you, Harvey. Wouldn’t it be great if people were themselves before you are married? The sad truth is, no one would be married. We are all weird and have a lot of bad habits and idiosyncracies that most would find revolting before attachment. The truth would be refreshing to me, but I probably wouldn’t want them, either. Living together before marriage doesn’t guarantee anything either. The contempt that comes with most marriages after a few years doesn’t rear it’s ugly head until after the marriage, usually. Straight from the horse’s mouth, also.

  6. Alan |

    I agree as well. I lived with my wife 5 years before we were married, and I think that is the way to do it. In that amount of time you and yours become comfortable with each other and learn whether this is really the person for you.

  7. doris |

    You are a wise man, Alan. Religion aside, I can see no good reason for anyone to get married to a person they really know nothing about. If you don’t live together first, you don’t even know if they put the toothpaste cap back on or the toilet lid down. Not putting toilet lid down — a reason for divorce.

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