Smoke and Fire

October 16th, 2009

beck1By this time, the name Glenn Beck is known to all of us, for better or worse.

Beck makes no bones about his distrust of the President and those who comprise his entourage of radical followers.

It’s true that Beck sometimes resorts to some theatrics to get his point across, but he does indeed make you listen. His following is steadily on the rise, as indicated by his book sales and name recognition in the liberal media.

I have seen Beck attacked several times on this website, which is the prerogative of any who disagree with him. Our dilemma now is that Beck is landing punch after punch on this President by exposing the socialists and communists within the ranks of his advisers.

Maybe America should be paying better attention to the obvious direction our country is being steered.

I realize that out-and-out Obama bashing is frowned on, but the truth is the truth — a segment of our population has elected an openly anti-American President who is trying to change the very core of what we are and will be. If Obama weren’t such a novice and so inexperienced, we would be in much worse trouble.

Maybe you should watch Glenn Beck if you haven’t. Might be a real eye-opener.

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4 Responses to “Smoke and Fire”

  1. Lisa |

    I agree, Larry. Glenn Beck is theatrical but who can argue with factual truth??

  2. Tom |

    I’m normally not in a location where I can watch Fox News and folks like Beck and O’Reilly. I see them in videos on the internet now and then, and I also listen to Rush Limbaugh on the internet probably several times a month.

    I disagree with a lot of what they say, but I enjoy their humor and passion. Beck, who only recently exploded into the national consciousness, has really made it big, as evidenced by his Time magazine cover photo.

    Beck has great presence in front of cameras and connects well with people, especially by using the chalkboard and other graphic aids to make his point. He also appears to be both intelligent and sincere in his beliefs, which strengthens his arguments.

    From what I’ve seen and heard, I think Beck is a right-wing extremist whose views often border on offensive. The fact that he’s smoked out a few poorly vetted folks on Obama’s team doesn’t make his worldview right or rational. I don’t think he’s dangerous in any serious sense, and I love the fact that our country is free enough to permit him to have a stage and thrive on it. I would hope, however, that most of his audience takes the trouble to keep his ideas in context and fact-check his assertions.

  3. Brian Bagent |

    Unfortunately, if the so-called journalists of the last 5 or 6 decades had been doing their job by simply reporting news and questioning all politicians with equal fervor, Limbaugh and Hannity and now Beck would probably not have much of an audience, if they had even ever gotten into radio. Instead, these “journalists” have been editorializing the whole time, and lying and saying that they weren’t. They always maintain that they are just “covering the news.”

    If I live to be 150, I will never forget that absolutely crestfallen look of “journalists” on TV the night of the election returns in 1996. Rather looked like he had just swallowed a turd.

    “I’m Walter Cronkite, and that’s the way it is.” Rubbish. How about Sam “But wait, Mr. President..” Donaldson (at least he still had the good graces to say “Mr President.” Who in the mainstream was haranguing Clinton or Carter or now Obama the way Reagan and Bush were from election victory night on to their final states of the union?

    ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN (and all of the fish wraps that are losing market share to Ruddy, Farah and others) have nobody to blame but themselves for the rise in popularity of conservative talk radio and conservative internet news sites.

  4. Harvey |


    Right on! I hardly ever get to see or hear Beck but lately have heard a bunch about him. He’s definitely on the right (or is that Right) track.


    “The fact that he’s smoked out a few poorly vetted folks on Obama’s team . . .” Nice understatement! Our FAR-Left radical president has loaded his administration with folks who share HIS worldview and bless Beck and the other Conservative talkers for letting the world know.

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