Up with Islam, Down with Everybody Else; It’s Our Great Multicultural Way

November 19th, 2012

By Dan Miller

Free speech is kinda OK, if Allah and his vast Religion of True Peace are not offended. The mere existence of infidels is offensive, so Death to all Infidels!

As I finished reading this article at PJ Tatler this morning, I came across a new YouTube video. First, the article. It deals with a meeting to be held today by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).  

[A] symposium [is] to be held today at the OIC headquarters in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on “Defamation Acts Against Islam.” And one top U.S. State Department official will be in attendance:

The headquarters of the General Secretariat of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation will host a symposium on “Defamation Acts against Islam: conflict dimensions and perspectives of co-existence between Islam and the West” on Monday 19/11/2012.

The Session will be attended by Prof. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, the OIC Secretary General. It will be chaired by Ambassador Ahmad Taib , Director General of the Branch of the Saudi Foreign Ministry, Makkah Al-Mukarrammah region. It will also be attended by Sergey Kuznetsov, Consul General of the Russian Federation and Anne Casper, US Consul General in Jeddah.

The OIC has made no secret of its intentions to use the UN and international law to criminalize what they consider to be “defamation of Islam.” For example, OIC Secretary General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu gave a speech last Friday on “An OIC Approach for Combating Discrimination and Intolerance against Muslims,” in which he gave a road map of how they plan to do it:

OIC’s position has all along been entrenched in international legal instruments and we need to build on this tradition. We must emphasize that there is no hierarchy of human rights whereby a single right can trump others. Freedom of opinion and expression is among the fundamental rights.It does not include a licence to hate mongering. Freedom of expression does not mean the right to vilify. Our position must also be rooted in history and culture. Having indicated our seriousness at building consensus, we must seek to be reciprocated in the same spirit. We need to seek multi-stakeholder support for an international discourse seeking an intercultural solution – A solution that acknowledges that denigration of symbols and personalities sacred in Islam must be viewed as a matter of identity. It inflicts the psyche of Muslim all over the world. It is in that context that we seek an end to the systematic pattern and increasing frequency of events that contribute towards stereotyping, stigmatization and alienation of Muslims. Such events constitute an affront to human dignity violating the whole range of human rights of victims. (Emphasis from PJ Tatler article.)

Although I doubt that the U.S. Consul General in Jeddah is a “top” State Department official, I seem to recall that the Obama Administration has often expressed much the same view as that taken by the OIC.  President Obama himself did so in blaming an otherwise insignificant and little-watched video for the kerfuffle that his own bowing to Islam and related policies produced in Benghazi. On September 25 (two weeks after the attack and long after it had become clear that the video had had little relevance), President Obama addressed his Benghazi bumps in the road at the U.N.  He said, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” How can one avoid “slandering” Islam and its prophet while being truthful? That probably depends on what “truthful” means.

The PJ Tatler article was soon updated to report that the OIC website had been scrubbed of all mention of the U.S. Consul General in Jeddah. And that brings us to the YouTube video about the often alleged vast Jewish Conspiracy to rule the world and the proper place of Islamists in it.

The video provides some good background for understanding “co-existence between Islam and the West.” Co-existence with Islam is quite simple. All that is required is submission to Islam, and that is a rotten idea — so unpalatable that even President Obama has not publicly said, clearly and unambiguously, that the United States or the rest of the more or less free world should adopt it; yet.

There are only a few things in the video about which I haven’t decided whether to agree or disagree, and there are doubtless some Muslims who are not intent upon murdering non-Muslims or other Muslims from different tribes and sects. There are also some venomous snakes that are not intent upon killing people and other animals; having eaten their fill, they often just want to relax and take a nap.

On balance, I like the video and wish there were some way to compel President Obama and others of our brilliant leadership to listen, take notes, memorize it and repeat it publicly and often. President Obama could get off easy: he could read it from his teleprompter.

Now that the fit seems to be really hitting the shan in Israel, President Obama — he of vast military experience and learning — has warned Israel that it would be preferable for none of her military forces to enter Gaze because some might be injured or killed in the process and Israel might forfeit some of its (rather limited) international support if it kills more “Palestinians.” Those factor would doubtless never have occurred to an Israeli putz such as PM Netanyahu, lacking military and diplomatic experience comparable to that of brave warrior-diplomat Obama, without his wise guidance. It’s time for President Obama to shut up and get out of the way.

Will our “client” Egypt come to the rescue and negotiate a real peace? Sure. Why not?

Youm7 (Egypt) reports that Saber Abul Fotouh, a member of the High Commission for the ruling Freedom and Justice Party, which is the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, said that their “youth group” are poised to join the jihad in Gaza “with our Palestinian brothers in their war against the brutal Zionist aggression.”

Aboul Fotouh told the newspaper that they wish to issue such a decision, adding that if a decision would be made to join the jihad, “there will be hundreds in our community [willing to go to] Palestine to help our brothers there, and stand on their side.”

Sources said that a number of young Muslim Brotherhood members already traveled to Gaza in order to support Palestinian Arabs in their war against Israel, but this was denied by Aboul Fotouh, saying they have not received orders from the group so far to travel to Gaza – but they hope so.

However, he stressed that Hamas is not in need of members to support it because it has the best fighters in the world, saying that their first duty to support them is with weapons and money.

Is this an admission that the Muslim Brotherhood is involved in smuggling weapons to Gaza?

Could there have been weapons in the Egyptian convoy that entered Gaza yesterday? The luggage compartment of a tour bus could easily hold several Fajr-5 rockets!

Egypt has still not clarified where it stands on arming Hamas. It is way past time for the US to force them to publicly state their position, and to back it up.

President Obama has repeatedly demonstrated that he is capable of leading few other than the many Julias and others who despise American greatness but welcome and demand more of the bounty it has provided. Despite his encouragement to the Arab Spring that brought the Muslim Brotherhood to power, President Obama seems incapable even of leading Egypt.

I agree with this view, expressed by an Israeli blogger who has been providing frequent updates on the situation there.

There is no such thing as a diplomatic solution that will erase the threat of rocket attacks on the south. There were even rocket attacks in the immediate aftermath of Operation Cast Lead four years ago, when Israel mounted a ground attack, but did not finish off Hamas. The only way to erase the threat of rocket attacks is to erase the terrorists.

Should President Obama feel an overwhelming urge to bow to foreign leaders, he should bow — deeply — to PM Netanyahu. On the other hand, maybe he should just spend every hour while awake during the next four plus years trying to run, really fast, around a tree. Yes He Can! We can’t Wait!

Einstein on Obama

Does that seem a tad disrespectful toward our beloved President and Commander in Chief? Perhaps, but it’s not my fault; I didn’t build that. Somebody else did.

Meanwhile, for the truly enlightened souls who prefer to focus on really important news, here are the most popular articles at today’s Washington Post.

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(This article was also posted at Dan Miller’s Blog.)

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