We Must All Bow to the Great American God Obama

November 23rd, 2012

By Dan Miller

Let us prey on the wicked rich oligarchs and rejoice in the Wisdom of Obama as He wisely commands.

President Obama, a lowly community organizer man of humble origins, has now revealed himself as the Great American God, our Lord and Master, who yearns only to provide for us. We, His people and devoted subjects must, in return for His gracious good will, make Him joyous through our obedience. It is necessary so that He can care for us as His munificent wisdom directs. Let us all give thanks unto Him for creating the bountiful happiness that we now enjoy in His name.  All that remains to be done is to make the rich pay their fair share. Only our Great American God Obama could have devised this brilliant strategy.

Tax the Rich

Free stuff is infinitely better than mere freedom because freedom is a delusion which the enemies of democracy have tried, desperately but no longer successfully, to force upon the slaves they had so long and so unfairly deprived of their glorious condoms and other free stuff they need most. Stuffy old White males — Allen West, Bill Whittle, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann and all the rest — should sit down, shut up and join in celebrating His glories.

Foreign Policy

Those who hope for democracy and freedom in the Middle East are delusional because freedom is not what real people want; they wisely reject it, as did voters in the recent United States presidential election. President Obama, may his holy name be praised throughout eternity by all from the lowest to the highest, is therefore correct in embracing the Muslim Brotherhood and enabling Egyptian President Morsi’s assumption of dictatorial powers. Their similar needs for the great flexibility they now have make it only natural that President Morsi and President Obama get along as well as they do.

Mursi’s spokesman explained the decree in these terms: the president can issue any decree he wishes to protect the revolution. “The constitutional declarations, decisions and laws issued by the president are final and not subject to appeal.”

Executive Orders are good and those who oppose them are bad! All true Americans should be proud of President Morsi for striving to follow President Obama’s masterful lead and encourage President Obama as he, in turn, strives to follow President Morsi’s lead.

It seems apparent this means to proceed toward the fundamental transformation of Egypt into an Islamist, Sharia-ruled state. …

The timing of this takeover is ironic since it coincides with an all-time high for the Obama Administration’s regard for Egypt, following that regime’s brokering of an Israel-Hamas ceasefire, including a continuous insistence from the U.S. government and mass media that the Brotherhood was now moderate and pro-democratic. In a normal universe, a U.S. president would be furious at Egypt for being made to look foolish after lavishing so much praise on Egypt and insistence that the Brotherhood was moderate and democratic. Of course, that will not happen with this administration. (Emphasis added.)

Of course what would happen in a dark, dreary and “normal universe” will not happen under the Great American God! Nor should it. To take that course would be hypocritical and President Obama has never stooped to hypocrisy.

“The thing that appealed to the president was how practical the conversations were — here’s the state of play, here are the issues we’re concerned about,” said a senior administration official who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss private conversations. “This was somebody focused on solving problems.”But the main problem Mursi is focused on is how to keep the Muslim Brotherhood in power, how to get lots of money from the West, and how to make Egypt into a radical Islamist state. Enforcing quiet in the Gaza Strip right now is part of that effort.
Being the main sponsor of Hamas, a terrorist group, used to be called that state sponsorship of terrorism, now it is to be admired as being, in the New York Times formulation, Hamas’s “most important international ally.”

“Thousands” of Egyptians, apparently reluctant to bask in the glories of their new dictator democratically elected savior, have been protesting. Shame on them all!

“We are in a state of revolution. He is crazy if he thinks he can go back to one-man rule,” one protester at Tahrir, Sara Khalil, said of Morsi. “This decision shows how insecure and weak he is because he knows there is no consensus.”

“If the Brotherhood’s slogan is ‘Islam is the solution’ ours is ‘submission is not the solution’,” said Khalil, a mass communications professor at the American University in Cairo. “And this is Islamic because God does not call for submission to another man’s will.”

According to this article,

Tens of thousands of activists massed in Tahrir itself, denouncing Morsi and chanting “Leave, leave” and “Morsi is Mubarak … Revolution everywhere.” Many of them represented Egypt’s upper-class, liberal elite, which have largely stayed out of protests in past months but were prominent in the streets during the anti-Mubarak uprising that began Jan. 25, 2011. (Emphasis added.)

That makes the mindset of those fat cat revisionists obvious to all. Like filthy rich Tea Party extremists, they are offended (and doubtless racist as well in rejecting President Obama’s close ally, President Morsi). That is the only explanation for their dislike of the fair and just requirement that they do as they are told. They should know better; during the age of the great Pharaohs, Egypt and all of her people prospered and prosperity will again come to Egypt under her new Pharaoh Morsi. If Allah wills it (as He must), President Morsi will cause them to build a shovel-ready pyramid as his tomb, as did the pharaohs of old. Soon, they will doubtless be grateful to him for providing suitable employment. All Egyptian protesters should look upon the glorious United States under the Great American God King Obama as the example they must follow, weep for their sins and accept the inevitable good that will come to them as they submit; as they must.

obama_muslim brotherhoodobama_puttPresident Morsi also, with His encouragement, structured a true path to peace between Israeli aggressors and oppressed Hamas freedom fighters. Just think of all the Hamas martyrs who, along with their beloved innocent children, died for that glorious cause! President Morsi is thought to be arranging additional virgins for them. Unlike the misogynist Republicans who conduct vile wars on women, devout Islamists love them even in death.

In a typically cynical, anti-Israel maneuver, President Obama and Secretary of  State Clinton have extended their pro-Islam foreign policy. Working hand-in-hand with Islamic Brotherhood President Morsi in Egypt, and with Hamas in the Gaza Strip, they have imposed a humiliating cease-fire on Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Israel.

This intervention threatens ugly consequences for the entire Middle East, raising expectations of Palestinians in their bid to eliminate the state of Israel, and encouraging the emergence of a new Islamic dictatorship across Egypt.  President Morsi, basking in the after-glow of  Clinton’s warm embrace, has been quick to assume autocratic powers and to shut down the last vestiges of the so-called Arab Spring.

Now that peace in our time has come, there will be no need for President Morsi to go against the desires of his Muslim Brotherhood to ensure that Hamas keeps it.

The top leader of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood denounced peace efforts with Israel and urged holy war to liberate Palestinian territories on Thursday — one day after the country’s president, who hails from the movement, mediated a cease-fire between Israelis and Palestinians to end eight days of fierce fighting.

“The enemy knows nothing but the language of force,” said Mohammed Badie. “Be aware of the game of grand deception with which they depict peace accords,” he said in a statement carried on the group’s website and emailed to reporters.

His statement was a sharp deviation from the role played by President Mohammed Morsi in the last week. Egypt’s role in brokering the deal has been hailed by U.S. officials.

Consistent with the just desires of his Muslim Brotherhood, only Israeli infractions in response to (obviously fabricated) Hamas violations will be dealt with. Hence, all is proceeding according to His divine plan.

Domestic Policy

Just as President Obama was elected to provide ever increasing free stuff to His devoted followers, so are future voters coming — as is their right — to the United States for their fair share.

According to a recent analysis of census data by the Center for Immigration Studies, 36 percent of immigrant heads of households, both legal and illegal, used at least one form of welfare in 2010, compared to 23 percent of native born heads of household.

The heads of household from Mexico, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic constituted the highest users of welfare 57 percent, 55 percent and 54 percent, respectively. The heads of households with the lowest participation were from Canada at 13 percent, Germany at 10 percent, and the United Kingdom at 6 percent.

Some rabid misguided conservatives do not like this. Senator Jeff Sessions (R. Alabama) is among them.

Among a host of concerns cited by Sessions and his colleagues:

• The USDA signed a pact in 2004 with Mexico requiring 50 U.S.-based consulates to hand out information to Mexican nationals on how to obtain welfare and other benefits.

• The agency created a Spanish-language ad in which an individual is “pressured” into accepting food stamps, even though she says her family is self-sufficient.

• The USDA’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program — commonly known as food stamps — has a website that includes a “community outreach partner toolkit” that says local communities “lose out” when eligible people don’t apply for benefits. The site claims that boosting participation will generate billions in “new economic activity.”

A SNAP pamphlet says Electronic Benefits Cards, which allow welfare recipients to withdraw cash and pay for food and other items, “make it more difficult to commit SNAP fraud.” The ad also states: “Everyone wins when eligible people take advantage of benefits to which they are entitled.”

Another site gives SNAP recruiters tips on how to “overcome the word ‘no’” when seeking to sign up new recipients.

How could Senator Sessions and his racist minions be so cruel as to deny our Little Brown Brothers and Sisters the fairness provided to citizens? They are in all important ways our equals and want only what we ourselves demand and receive!

free stuff

Without free stuff, how can they — like other Americans — relish the day after Thanksgiving as they give thanks to our Great American God? It’s the American Way and we must share it with the less fortunate.

Tip of the hat to Debbie Schussel for the video. She wrote,

Okay, so it’s not as much funny as it is accurate and sadly true commentary on how so many–primarily the lumpenproletariat–Americans act on Black Friday or as I like to call it, “Diverse Complexion Friday” or “Obama Electorate Friday,” spurred on by stores who have limited quantity doorbusters, etc.

Differently documented Americans must be encouraged to participate in this joyous American festival just as do other Americans. It is not only fair; it will also help them to assimilate and become equal bearers of the torch of American exceptionalism.


Here’s an observation from Paul Mirengoff at Power Line today:

[T]here’s a huge difference between current U.S. policy towards Egypt and its policy during the Mubarak era. Before, the foreign policy quid pro quo of a “blind eye” from the U.S. was the willingness to serve as a bulwark of U.S. interests in the region, including our interest in the security of Israel. But Morsi gets the same favorable treatment while tilting Egypt towards Iran and reordering Egypt’s relationship with Israel.

One can only assume that Morsi’s policies with respect to Iran and Israel, like his moves towards authoritarian rule, are fine with Obama. Indeed, it’s doubtful that, for Obama, the Arab Spring that he welcomed was ever about the triumph of democracy. More likely, it was always about the triumph of radicalism — the wave of the future.

Here’s another from the same source yesterday:

To Obama, the perception that something is “the wave of the future” goes a long way. Like most hard-core leftists, Obama craves to ride the wave of the future and possesses the intellectual arrogance to believe he can unerringly discern that wave.

But we shouldn’t overlook the strong possibility that Obama wants the Muslim Brotherhood to be the wave of the future in the Middle East. Perhaps it is that wish that causes him to conclude, for example, that Morsi’s rather unimpressive electoral victory in Egypt is evidence of a wave that will sweep away more moderate, pro-democratic, and pro-American elements.

(This article was also posted at Dan Miller’s Blog.)

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