Free George!

January 11th, 2009

A New York City restaurant, City Crab and Seafood, had an unusually large, 20-pound lobster on offer.  A customer saw it and notified PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).  This is the wacko group that considers animal rights to be at least on a par with human rights.  They want to force the rest of us to stop eating animals, wearing fur, etc.

According to press reports and PETA, they somehow convinced the restaurant to free the giant lobster.  They guessed from his weight that he’s 140 years old, and he was anthropomorphized with the name “George.”  So, George, who was caught in Canada, is going to be released with appropriate ceremonies in the sea off Maine in an area where lobster fishing is forbidden.

People who carry on like this obviously don’t have enough to do.

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5 Responses to “Free George!”

  1. Roxiticus Desperate Housewives |

    Pretty sure the same folks were on a campaign to use breast milk in Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Eeew.

  2. Steve Brown |

    I think letting this monster go is the right thing to do. Not because humans shouldn’t eat seafood, but so that this heavyweight can pass on it’s genes = more huge lobsters for everyone.

  3. Tom |

    Good point, Steve! And maybe if we can find a chunky girl lobster, we can put her in George’s new neighborhood. After a couple of generations, we might get lobsters the size of a city bus! But if George really is 140 years old, you have to wonder if there’s a lot of giddy-up left in his get-along….

  4. mamaholler |

    Aw… I sort of think it’s sweet. I know that PETA often takes things too far, but I can’t help but feel happy for George.

  5. doris |

    P.E.T.A has good intentions,but does anyone really care about lobsters? It is kindof sad to see them in the big fishtank waiting,hiding while drooling idiots gawk at them and pick out one to eat…..I would like it better if we didn’t have to see them, Can you imagine picking out your cow or pig,or chicken?In China you can pick out your cat and watch them skin and boil them,we wouldn’t allow that,all just cultural,but still sad,that in this day we haven’t come up with a tasty alternative to murdering our animal coinhabitants of the Earth,thou shall not kill,anyone?

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