Demoralized in America

November 26th, 2009

By Harvey Grund

I read the news and see that the Democratic majority has totally bought into President Obama’s vision of Utopia — a United States that needs to be remade into a country that is less of a threat to our enemies and more acceptable to European Socialists. This is not a paranoid delusion or a flight of fancy or an observation without a basis.

They (the President and Congress) are intent on emulating the failed British and Canadian health care systems; they will happily destroy our economy and the nation’s productivity in the name of that sham called global warming; they are doing everything they can to strengthen unions by taking away the choice of workers who believe that people should be judged on their performance as individuals rather than on their seniority; they refuse to call terrorists, terrorists and have started giving our enemies the same legal and Constitutional rights as U.S. citizens; they have demoralized the military by putting the safety of the enemy (and world opinion) above the safety of our troops and making “diversity” superior to safety and common sense; and, as you know if you read, watch or listen to the news, the litany of governmental malfeasance goes on and on and on.

The realization that these destroyers are the majority in Congress and, as the majority, they can do almost anything they want, added to the fact that they are apparently more devoted to the president’s vision and to their mission to remake America than they are to the Constitution or the American people, has demoralized many Americans — including this one. If you are one of these demoralized Americans — lets get over it!

Let’s get over it — we’re winning!

It started in New Jersey when Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine lost his reelection bid to Republican Chris Christie and simultaneously in the Virginia governor’s race when Republican Bob McDonnell scored a resounding victory over Democrat Creigh Deeds. It continues as Obama’s popularity in every poll is lower than it ever has been, and it continues with the public backlash over the obscenity of civil trials for terrorists and over the stupidity of Gen. George Casey, the Army Chief of Staff, who feels that losing diversity in the military would be a bigger loss than the loss of life by a terrorist.

Unless the President and the Democratic majority do a complete turnaround and begin acting like responsible Americans who understand and buy into American Exceptionalism (never happen!), it will continue. It will continue in November of 2010, and then in 2012 it will finally unseat the Obomination in the White House.

(This article was also posted at My View from the Center.)

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9 Responses to “Demoralized in America”

  1. Clarissa |

    Interesting to see how in the midst of a complete disintegration of our economic system, growing unemployment, the collapse of the system of higher education, etc. you feel like you are winning. I wonder what a complete victory will feel like to you. How many more people need to lose their homes, their healthcare insurance and their livelihoods for you, Harvey, to feel like your victory is complete?

    I don’t know why you hate Americans so much, but they are not a bad bunch at all. So maybe you shouldn’t gloat so much over our times of trouble, you know?

  2. Harvey |


    I don’t know what you’re reading into my post but its nothing I intended.

    Let me put it into plain, boring language for you:

    All the things you describe: “a complete disintegration of our economic system, growing unemployment, the collapse of the system of higher education, etc.” and much much more are attributable to Obama and his lackys in the Democratic majority.

    There is the beginnings of a backlash that I am sure will, in 2010, take away much of his power by depleating that majority and in 2012 will get rid of the source of the problem. THAT’s what I’m happy about.

    How in hell can you read anything I wrote, or anything I’ve ever written and suggest that I’m happy about the miserable mess Obama has created?

  3. Tom |

    I agree with you on some of the issues you listed, Harvey. The problem is, you put so much emotion into demonizing those you disagree with that the logic of the argument gets lost.

    Consistent with what you said in the article, you told Clarissa in the comment above that “a complete disintegration of our economic system, growing unemployment, the collapse of the system of higher education, etc.” are attributable to Obama and his lackeys in the Democratic majority. So, you believe that all these problems began in an instant at noon on Jan 20, 2009?

    I agree that some of the actions taken by both the Bush and Obama Administrations (remember when the first stimulus bill was passed?) have not worked out very well. But you can’t put it all at Obama’s doorstep — well, you can, but you’re wrong if you do.

    Did you refer to “Bush and his lackeys in the Republican majority” a few years ago? I suspect not. And in both cases (or in any case), the word “lackey” means “a servile follower; toady.” Bush and Obama both could only wish that their party in Congress behaved that way. Obama isn’t getting the health care plan he wanted, and he may not get it by the end of the year, as he wanted. He will be fortunate if the energy bill is passed next year. And in general, the Democratic majority is not tracking with him on a number of issues.

    You said that Gen. Casey “feels that losing diversity in the military would be a bigger loss than the loss of life by a terrorist.” You may have twisted some quote to get to that conclusion, but I can assure you that you’re completely wrong. Gen. Casey has devoted 39 years of his life in service to the Constitution, the American people, and the defense of your freedom. His father, a major general commanding a division, was killed in Vietnam in 1970. Frankly, I doubt that you’ve ever met, or ever will meet, anyone who has served the nation as well and as long as Gen. Casey. Why do you feel it necessary to denigrate a man like him?

  4. Harvey |


    How can anyone not be emotional when they see what the current administration is doing to our country? Anyway I’m not going for debating points; when I see a statist I call him a statist and Obama proves me right every day. That may not be the best or most logical way to present my case but its my way and it’s the honest way.

    Re: My response to Clarissa’s off the wall comment: You’re right that I misstated my response to her by agreeing that Obama has contributed to “the collapse of the system of higher education” he hasn’t had the time to get to that yet, but I WILL lay the economic crisis and the soaring unemployment at his doorstep. A different president, one who understood economics and actually loved his country (yes, I’m asserting that Obama does NOT love this country, not as much as he loves International acceptance) would have understood that economic recovery always begins with economic incentives for business and industry: less taxes and less regulation so that they can grow and hire people to help them continue growing. Economic recovery NEVER begins with a larger more controlling government, yet that has been Obama’s only tactic.

    As to General Casey: His exact quote was: “Our diversity, not only in our Army, but in our country, is a strength. And as horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse.” That makes me sick — and angry. I suspect that Casey is under orders to spew that kind of politically correct garbage but he did say it and now he owns it! This is clearly a statement that indicates that the military is more concerned about diversity than it is about the problems (in this case loss of life) that the military’s concern with diversity is causing. He may be a great guy and a great soldier but I suspect that he is allowing himself to be used as a puppet; Casey didn’t develop that attitude based on 39 years in the military.

  5. larry |

    It’s about impossible to come from a rightwing point of veiw. Don’t ever let them beat you down completely.

    If Casey is right or wrong he is still just an opinion.
    Casey or no Casey, Obama is not handling the wars as he should.

  6. Clarissa |

    Wow, you have a really selective memory, Harvey. Don’t you remember who was in power when the crisis started?

    As for the collapse of the system of higher education, it started before most people even knew who Obama was. That I know for sure, since I am part of this system.

    I can’t believe how easy it is for you to forget something that has happened so recently.

    And once again, any one who feels that he is winning at the time when the American people are going through so much turmoil (irrespective even of who is to blame) is wrong.

  7. Harvey |

    I’ve acknowledged many times that Bush handed Obama a bad siuation — Bush is therefore guilty and Obama is off the hook right?

    Of course not!

    If you would be more careful reading and not keep jumping to conclusions you would understand that I said “we’re winning” because (as I explained in the following paragraph) public opinion is turning against Obama and I feel sure it will eventually unseat him.

    Perhaps you attack me and accuse me of “hating Americans” because don’t like that idea!

  8. Tom |

    Harvey, when you say, “Bush is therefore guilty and Obama is off the hook right?” you imply that it must be all one way or the other. Don’t you admit to even the possibility that there could be middle ground, on this or any other issue?

    In fact, the specific issue of “affordable housing” goes all the way back to the Carter Administration, and no president afterward (Democratic or Republican) did anything to get it under control.

    The reality is that there’s little in life that’s all black or all white or, for that matter, all liberal or all conservative.

  9. Harvey |

    When I said: “Bush is therefore guilty and Obama is off the hook right?” I was being sarcastic; in context I didn’t expect anyone to take it otherwise.

    I fully realize that life is, in a very real sense, ALL grey, that Conservatives have their share of stupid ideas and Liberals have their share of good ones — that’s why I am not either.

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