Life Is Not Fair to Beautiful Women!

July 19th, 2012

By Dan Miller

Beautiful women get all the breaks; except in politics.


Forty year old Sofia Vergara is the highest earning woman on television. According to the linked article,

Vergara made $19 million over the past year, with $7 million coming from her hit show “Modern Family” and $12 million from endorsement deals.

Forbes calls Vergara the biggest Hispanic crossover star since Desi Arnaz, and says companies who want to reach the $1 trillion Hispanic market are clamoring for Vergara. KMart alone is paying her $7 million for her eponymous clothing line.

“The truth is out that we’re in this country and we’re taking over,” Sofia told Forbes. “To see people paying attention to the cultural changes … is fantastic.”

sarah_palinMight Ms. Vergara’s obvious attractiveness be a factor in her success? Could that even be possible? As I said in a PJ Media article in January of last year, Sarah Palin is also quite attractive and that was detrimental during the 2008 presidential campaign when she was Senator McCain’s running mate. Attractive females are not, and cannot be, competent. Intelligent? Don’t be foolish; ask Tina Fey. Maybe Governor Palin could have done better had she shaved off all her hair (there couldn’t possibly be a functioning brain cell under all that pretty stuff), worn horn-rimmed glasses and dressed like a bag lady. Gravitas is what’s important (such as Vice President “Plugs” Biden is highly regarded for having, for example. Or President Obama, well known for … well, it must be something really good). As noted in my earlier linked article,

The silly demented girl still doesn’t even know the meaning of some simple English words — such as defeat. Not only that, she’s pretty, dammit. No effective female politician can be pretty and have gravitas too and besides, she’s religious and isn’t a Democrat! She is also, according to a Newsweek star, a “borderline lunatic.” Roseanne Barr says she is “loon and I think she’s kind of a traitor.” Not only that, those who think otherwise are the “dumbest people on Earth [and] … on the government dole.” (Ms. Barr later apologized for her remarks about Mrs. Palin’s ignorant supporters, who had been duped.)

Saturday Night Live is among the front rank contenders for first prize in the modern humor category — and Tina Fey (a.k.a. Sara Palin) gets first prize at SNL. Sarah Palin was an almost perfect butt of jokes; still, maybe someone even better might come along later; how about another pretty white female opposed not only to abortion but also to masturbation? Maybe someone who as a teenager had dabbled in witchcraft? Nah, that wouldn’t be possible.

Poor demented girl, she has not become better over time. According to this article at Politico,

Liberal bloggers crowed over reports that Sarah Palin had not yet received an invitation to the Republican National Convention later this year.

“Something tells me we won’t have the lost Madonna of the Teabagger WASPs to kick around much longer,” read one sharply worded post at Balloon Juice. “She probably wouldn’t have reached her sell-by date so quickly if she weren’t such a completely predictable liar.”

“Sarah Palin played a HUGE role in bringing down John McCain’s run at the presidency. We can only hope that Mitt Romney makes a similar mistake, even if it only means letting Palin speak at the convention. Give the woman as much rope as she wants, as far as we’re concerned. It’s been far too long since Tina Fey had a good laugh,” John Aravosis wrote on AmericaBlog.

helen_thomasSo much for Governor Palin. She is still far too attractive to succeed in the sphere of politics. Helen Thomas? Some might find her less than attractive and she was reasonably popular in political circles for a long time. Maybe it was her gravitas, or something like that. How about Secretary Clinton? It’s rumored that she might try (again) to become our president. She’s … well, she’s Hillary Clinton and if President Obama were to get out of the way she might have a good shot at the Democrat nomination.  She’s a bit scary, but that’s probably to her advantage.


Perhaps some day we will see more “people paying attention to cultural changes,” which as Ms. Vergara says, is “fantastic.” Will they pay more, or less, attention depending on the physical attractiveness of the presenter? House Minority Leader Pelosi might do a good job upon her retirement from the Congress; she could easily find ways to prevent her physical attractiveness from becoming a distraction.


Having unattractive presenters might well make our many hours of watching television more enlightening and therefore more enjoyable. Wouldn’t it? Be honest, now.  Well, O.K. We would then turn off the tube and pull out our checker boards or the latest issue of Playboy. We, at least males of the species, like to see beautiful women — provided that they are not doing or trying to do anything that requires thought or common sense or that suggests possession of more than average intelligence and competence. When they try to speak with intelligence and understanding, a “war on women” ensues even though I’ve never heard it called that. Why can’t the pretty little things just be satisfied with free stuff like condoms, birth control devices, abortions and lots of other cool stuff?  Why can’t they just stay in their place on the Stepford Happy Plantation? Isn’t that what females are meant to do? Many have shown that that’s the path to success in the entertainment media and in it’s close kin, the political media.


Life is comfortable and cozy on the Happy Plantation, it’s big and growing and they would have lots of congenial company. What more could they want?

(This article was also posted at Dan Miller’s Blog.)

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8 Responses to “Life Is Not Fair to Beautiful Women!”

  1. Tom Carter |

    That opening photo made me think about a couple of things. And then I realized that I’ve never heard of Sofia Vergara. I guess that’s a reflection of my failure to stay current with higher levels of American culture.

    Sarah Palin would do the Republican Party a favor if she would stay away from the convention, even if she’s invited, and keep her mouth shut until after the election. Like some other intellectually challenged albeit good-looking ladies of the far right, she just can’t stop herself from saying and doing stupid things that make all conservatives look bad. I bought into the Palin fervor at the beginning, when McCain picked her for his running mate, even though I had never heard of her (my failure, again). Beautiful woman, great family, and when the little girl licked her hand and smoothed the baby’s hair on TV, I was hooked. But then the more she talked, the more I realized that she was an airhead and some members of her family weren’t any better.

    And look at what lovely Michele Bachmann, along with four of her Republican friends, has just done. When she and her buddies publicly and officially accused Huma Abedin, Deputy Chief of Staff to the Secretary of State, of having links to the Muslim Brotherhood and of being a threat to national security, they truly jumped the shark. This caused Senator McCain and other Republican leaders to have to defend Abedin and severely criticize their fellow Republicans. Is this the kind of thing an intelligent political party does when it’s trying to keep the House, win the Senate, and replace an incumbent president?

    Some Republicans, particularly on the far right, just don’t understand the most critical reality of this (and most) elections. Committed Republicans are going to vote for Romney; committed Democrats are going to vote for Obama. That leaves the votes of about 40 percent of the electorate available to either win or lose the election. I’m in that group, and I can go either way. Right now I favor Romney, but it isn’t going to take much more Bachmann-like extremist stupidity to make me change my mind. I won’t vote for Obama, but I damn well might stay home.

  2. Dan Miller |


    I agree that Governor Palin and others should not speak at or attend the Republican convention. They are damaged goods nationally. As to Governor Palin, much of the damage was done by Tina Fey and her ilk, with lots of support from the media. Here’s a video that’s well worth watching.

    I would, however, like to see Governor Palin working the Republican and even close states to drum up support for Republican congressional candidates as well as for Governor Romney. The enthusiasm gap seems to be narrowing, largely in Governor Romney’s favor. It needs to do more of the same.

  3. Tom Carter |

    The video is pretty sad. But you could make the same video with selected conservative voters and get pretty much the same thing. The sad fact is, most people who vote are so poorly informed that they have very little idea what they’re doing.

    If there were a simple, three-question test required to vote in any election, regradless of the level, many people would never be allowed to vote. I know, I know; that’s undemocratic. Truth is, democracy to a large extent is ignorant people selecting large numbers of self-serving rascals to rule them. Problem is, it’s by far the best system of government. Go figure….

  4. larry |

    If there were a simple, three-question test required to vote in any election, regradless of the level, many people would never be allowed to vote. I know, I know; that’s undemocratic. Truth is, democracy to a large extent is ignorant people selecting large numbers of self-serving rascals to rule them. Problem is, it’s by far the best system of government. Go figure.

    I don’t appreciate the notion that the majority of Americans are ignorant or uninformed. I will however agree that the election of Obama was an act of pure stupidity. The truth is that Obama was elected through the efforts of the so-called educated segment of our population.

    In my opinion the home computer has pretty much eliminated the uninformed masses.

  5. Lisa |

    I can’t believe you guys didn’t sling some mud at DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. She makes Palin and Bachmann look presidential.

  6. Tom Carter |

    Lisa, I agree the Debbie W S is a loudmouthed airhead. However, Republicans shouldn’t complain about her too much. Having her there as the face and the mouth of the Democratic Party makes them look like idiots.

  7. Dan Miller |

    Ms Wasserman Schultz is my choice as President Obama’s running mate this year. She is younger than current Vice President Biden and also than Secretary Clinton. That alone would bring back the youth vote. In addition, she seems to agree with President Obama on just about everything. Run, Debbie, Run! You owe it to your country!

  8. Lisa |

    I am convinced Debbie W S sits at the knee of Nancy Pelosi to get her weekly talking points.

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