Understanding the Real Meaning of 9/11

August 30th, 2011

By Seth Forman Jeffrey Goldberg in The Atlantic has a wonderful piece on “The Real Meaning of 9/11.” As he should, Goldberg places the “meaning” at the feet of Islamist hatred. He skewers the intellectuals who defend them and build a scaffold of ideology to excuse this murderous horde. But, as any well-intentioned centrist, he […]

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Advance Text of President Obama’s Address

May 5th, 2011

By Dan Miller Various reliable White House sources, under threat of suicide should they make it public in advance of delivery, have provided the following text of the address President Obama will soon deliver at Ground Zero. Due to the obvious sensitivities, we have placed the president’s remarks after the jump. If you believe you […]

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U.S. Forces Kill Osama bin Laden

May 2nd, 2011

By Seth Forman Bravo to our military forces and intelligence agencies, most of which have been working on getting Osama Bin Laden for more than a decade. They are the best there is. President Obama should take credit for it too, but only if he learns that relentlessness in war is what “solves” terrorism and […]

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Failed Foreign Policy of the Obama Administration

April 28th, 2011

By Tom Carter Mismanaged wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, inept responses to Libya, silence on Syria, failure in the Middle East peace process.  President Obama continues to demonstrate that he isn’t up to the job. President Bush botched the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq in several ways.  Most everyone understood the reasons for invading Afghanistan […]

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What’s Foreign Aid? Why Does the U.S. Provide It?

March 14th, 2011

By Dan Miller It’s time to reassess the good, the bad, and the ugly. According to this article, a recent poll revealed that “respondents thought the foreign aid part of the federal budget was an average of 27 percent. The real amount is about one percent.” That suggests either that the amount of foreign aid […]

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